Water dispenser – Hot ‘n Cold

Save on bottled water….in costs, handling, and storage.

Convenient units for public areas, including offices where models can either have built in 5 stage RO or be fed from an existing RO, with an unlimited supply of cold and hot water.

1. Clage ZIP Heaters: These are top of the range units with an attractive tap fitted on a top, to supply boiling and chilled water. A separate unit is installed directly beneath this tap and may be supplied via an external RO.

Clage tap              Visit the Zip Water Heaters webpage here.

2. Charm Floor standing water dispenser: Commonly seen with the inverted 19 litre bottles, however this unit has a 5 stage RO built in

and thus no need for bottled water.  CW-H939

It can supply room temperature, boiling and chilled water via the front levers. It is available in white or charcoal grey

Click here for more details on this model. Charm

3. Charm Counter top dispensers: Charm half

These sit on your counter top and are supplied via an external RO to produce boiling and chilled water.

Should you require more details, please click here: Countertopcharm

4. CosMetal Units: These are top of the range units with hot/room/cold and even Sparkling water! …all controlled via a touch screen. They are top of the range products with high quality design and built

More details can be found here

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