1. Drinking fresh water is vital for healthy living!

Things have changed in our world and we remember looking amazed at people buying drinking water in bottles at restaurants quite some time ago. I mean….. buying water?! Its free, from the tap!

Even in Malta, a few years ago, a survey revealed that two thirds of the population do not drink tap water but bottled water. I guess we have to accept that our palate has changed and we do look for healthier better tasting alternatives to everything we consume.

Now there is nothing fundamentally wrong with tap water, no one has ever fallen ill consuming it, yet since most Maltese water is salty, many prefer a lighter palate, and in truth, tea, ice cubes, and many other beverages do taste better.

So, your options are either bottled water or an even smarter way is to produce your own water at home using reverse osmosis (RO) technology. Water is taken from underneath your kitchen sink, processed in the RO unit and stored via a process of five filters, and then served at your kitchen sink level via a new faucet we would install. Any time you want to drink water , use this tap and taste the difference !

– YOU will notice at least FOUR benefits from the use of an RO unit:

– QUALITY of water superior to any other filter you have ever used

– CONVENIENCE, gone are the days when half your shopping weight is that packet of water that disappears in two days….and who is going to carry the next one?

– ENVIRONMENT is saved all those plastic bottles we throw away

– COST, in many cases the cost of installing one is easily paid off in the first two years and the running costs are around a quarter of that of purchasing water during the year.

Do not confuse RO technology with other simple filters. RO uses a specialized process that removes the smallest of particles, even the tiny atoms of sodium, chloride, calcium, nitrate etc! In practice about 90% of these are removed leaving a light water identical to most table waters.