Aquarium Nitrate Ion Exchange


Aquarium water treatment involves surprisingly sophisticated chemistry. Water chemistry required for healthy aquariums is as varied as the life forms that thrive in them.

A decade or two ago, many aquarists performed water changes with nitrate reduction as one of the primary goals. Fortunately, we now have a large array of ways to keep nitrate in check, and modern aquaria suffer far less from elevated nitrate than they have in the past.

The ion exchange process for the removal of nitrates is both simple and effective. It operates in the same manner as a common wate

Aquarium Nitrate Ion Exchange

r softener and easily can remove much more than 90 percent of the nitrates. The process uses a strong base anion exchange resin, which is regenerated with common salt. The chloride (Cl) ion of the salt molecule is utilized by the anion exchange site, the sodium (Na) ion passes right through the resin bed and does not affect the process.

The units we offer are fully Automatic and regeneration is carried out on a VOLUME basis and NOT TIME. This means you are saving water and salt without unnecessary regenerations processes.

Various models are available and although not directly related to aquarium volume, the bigger the unit in terms of resin capacity, the longer the interval between regenerations.

    Aquarium water treatment

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