Want to prepare for housing an RO System unit?

Great, you have a new home and are wondering about where to place your RO and what you need for it! This is a checklist of what you need to think about

WHERE? Where to place the RO unit. 90% of installations are placed right under the kitchen sink or a cupboard next to it. In some cases people choose to place it in a pantry adjoining the kitchen, outside the kitchen in the yard or downstairs in the basement.

In theory there is no problem in placing it anywhere you want but you must consider that as a rule of thumb, the distance between the RO unit and the drinking point does not exceed 5 metres. Placing it downstairs will reduce your overall pressure at the tap.

WHICH? RO unit to choose. Our most popular is the ZRO but you can choose also from our ERO, and AS75. Whichever one it is, the requirements described here are universal to all.


  1. A location for the unit as described above. The size is found in the above sheets
  2. A mains water supply point. This must be mains water provided as a ½ inch supply or via an angle valve. If it is under the sink, don’t bother, we will connect our own fitting as below

3. A three pin power point socket

4. A drain point. This is an important consideration. About half our installations connect the drain from the RO (you will recall that RO produces one litre of drinking water for every 5 litres it processes), directly to the drains. This water is not good for drinking purposes but it is good for all other purposes, so throwing it away will be a waste. If you do throw it away, an average household will be spending around €40 a year on water.

A better idea is to connect this waste water to a roof tank or well. If this is possible (up to three floors up the RO will pump it on its own power) then please plumb 15mm piping from the RO location straight to the well, or roof tank (top of roof tank!) and leave a ½ inch connection for us to connect to.

  1. A drinking point. Again…. Either use our standard faucet which is supplied with the RO unit

or consider our three way taps. The difference is that with our standard faucet we will drill a ½ inch hole into your sink and this will be separate for drinking water, and your mixer will be used for normal hot/cold tap water.

A three way mixer as shown RO-accessories will combine the two features…hot and cold tap and drinking water into one mixer.


In the above diagram, the black line can go to the roof tanks if desired, up to three floors. This is to be done by your plumber

All our coloured plumbing above is 6mm piping of our provision